Pay as little as $20 per prescription for Uribel

There is no limit on the number of time you may use this coupon

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The Uribel coupon is available to everyone who is eligible

Use the coupon to offset the cost of your co-payment or coinsurance.


Use the coupon to receive a discount off the retail price of each Uribel prescription.







How to use the Uribel Coupon

STEP 1: Print out the coupon and bring it to your doctor's office.

Ask your physician for a prescription of 20 capsules of Uribel (with refills if you need more).

STEP 2: Talk to your doctor.

If you have private insurance coverage for Uribel, ask your doctor:

"May I have a full prescription for Uribel? "

If you don't have coverage for Uribel under private insurance, ask your doctor:

"May I have a prescription for 20 capsules of Uribel, with each refill also for 20 pills? "

STEP 3: Talk to your pharmacist.

"I have private insurance coverage for Uribel. What is my co-payment or coinsurance for Uribel? Is my co-payment more expensive than the full retail price?"
(In some cases, if you pay for Uribel out-of-pocket [without using insurance] and use the Uribel coupon, your prescription may be less expensive than it would be if you used insurance.)

"I don't have insurance coverage for Uribel. I'll be paying full retail price for Uribel."

STEP 4: Present the Uribel coupon to your pharmacist.

"Here is my Uribel coupon. I'll be using this coupon every time I fill a prescription for Uribel. Thanks!"


Helpful Links

Fingertip Formulary® is a simple-to-use tool that allows you to determine formulary drug status for health plans in your area. 

To learn more about different coverage levels/drug tiers, click on “About Formularies” and the tier result after you have selected Uribel and your state.

Learn more about pricing for Uribel at


*Symphony Health Solutions PHAST prescription data, accessed April 2019
Subject to eligibility. Restrictions apply.