Chronic Urinary Tract Conditions


  • Pelvic pain or pressure (sometime intense) triggered by a variety of factors, including stress
  • Increases as the bladder fills and lessens once the bladder is emptied
  • Frequent urination, as often as up to 50 times during a 24-hour period


Laura is a working mom who doesn't have time to deal with her urinary tract flare-ups, which recur often.
The urinary pain and pressure can be a constant distraction. 

*Hypothetical patient. Results may vary.

Uribel® Therapy

Uribel contains both antispasmodic and analgesic agents to help relieve local symptoms of:

  • Pain
  • Inflammation
  • Hypermotility


Uribel helps Laura focus on her busy life, not her symptoms.
The analgesic and antispasmodic ingredients of Uribel help to alleviate the pain and pressure of her symptoms.


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The Uribel coupon is available to everyone.

Patients with private insurance can use the Uribel coupon to offset the cost of a co-payment or coinsurance.

Patients without insurance coverage can use the Uribel coupon to receive a discount off the retail price of each prescription.

Patients with Medicare can use the Uribel coupon:

Medicare does not cover Uribel; therefore,

-Patients can use the Uribel coupon to receive a discount off the retail price of each prescription

-Medicare patients are entitled to use the Uribel coupon if they are paying the full retail price for Uribel